Easy-to-use. Powerful visualizations.

With Tabulae you can create reports, dashboards, surveys and presentations as fully responsive data-driven apps, in just a few minutes. Painless BI in your pocket, turning your data into amazing and interactive charts and maps.

Get insights

Feel the power of understanding your data with powerful visual analytics! Discover unexpected trends, patterns, and outliers hidden in your data. No business analysts, no IT consultants needed. Forget about technology and focus on the effective management of your business.

Make the most out of your data

Create your reports, infographies and dashboards as web applications. Turn your data into business knowledge, simplify your decision-making process and become a data-driven organization. With Tabulae is much simpler, much faster to understand your data in a few clicks!

Share and integrate

Tabulae's visualizations can be easily embedded into your own technology, products and daily services, no matter what device. Embed graphs and dashboards into your application front-end. Share and deliver tailor-made reports and infographies to your customers.

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Why Tabulae?

Find out the reasons why Tabulae is what you are looking for!


Tabulae brings you alternative options to shape your data. By means of dedicated WYSIWYG editors, you can decide how to communicate your business message. Intuitive and drag and drop interfaces enable you to mash up multimedia content, diverse maps and charts, and to package everything as a report, a dashboard, a survey and a presentation. It is YOU who decide!


Tabulae is grounded on state-of-the-art front-end technologies to enhance your user experience. It is accesible from any web browser, and its responsive design ensures full compatibility with all kind of devices: from mobile phones and tablets to desktop monitors. No need to remake your visualization or use ad-hoc applications.


Tabulae is a cloud-based solution with which you can create your own visualizations. No need to install anything in order to unleash your data's potential. Check our pricing plans.


We are also aware that sometimes you may need to have Tabulae on your servers and locally connected to your in-house databases. No problem! We do offer on-premise installation.


The display of information means everything in visual communication. Tabulae provides you with a bunch of desgin tools: color palettes, customizable charts (including maps) and a CSS editor to accomodate visualizations' design to your data representation requirements and your corporate look & feel.