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Upload your data

You can either upload your data in an Excel or CSV file format, import them from your Google Drive account, or connect Tabulae with your local databases.

In the cloud, we currently support uploaded files up to 15MB in size. If you need support for larger datasets, please contact us for more information.

Format your data

Data should be represented in tables, where records are arranged in rows and fields in columns. Eliminate blank rows or columns in your file with respect to left and top margins. If you have header rows (titles of data fields), make sure they rea in the first row. Data must immediately follows in the second row. Notice that if you have multiple sheets in an spreadsheet or an excel, you should split these into different files and and upload them separately.

Improve your data

Tabulae lets you clean your data and prepare them for visualization purposes. Replacing series’ values, eliminating rows or columns, setting measurement units or changing field titles are basic operations to manage your data. But you can do much more, such as creating aggregated views by selecting relevant parameters and georreferencing your data for spatial analysis.

Create a Data-Driven App

Creating a chart or map is as simple as selecting your target dataset. Tabulae will create on-the-fly a fully-interactive graph. As you play with the dimensions of your data, Tabulae will suggest you alternative charts and maps.

Beyond single graphs, Tabulae lets you exploit the potential of your data and transform it into business value. You can combine multimedia content and multiple graphs in different manners: a report, a presentation or a dashboard. Create them as web apps using a powerful and easy-to-use editor and discover the future of data-driven communication.

Share your Visualization

Export your chart and map as a dynamic HTML5 component that can embedded in your web page, blog or any other content. Do you need to print it or to add it to your presentations? Export it as a PNG or a PDF file.

Your report, presentation and dashboard can be exported, on the one hand, as an HTML5 component to be embebed into your web content or, on the other hand, as a stand-alone application accesible by a unique URL. Do you need to share your report with your client? Apps can be private and accesible only by password.

Work samples

Check out our introductory videos.

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